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What are your surgical treatment options once you receive a diagnosis of breast cancer?

Posted May 17, 2017 in Breast Cancer

The surgical options for breast cancer depend in large part on the tumor size and location of the tumor. Your breast surgeon will help guide in making a decision as to which option is best for you.
The timing of the breast reconstruction will be discussed with your plastic reconstructive surgeon. We will guide you through the process that will yield the best aesthetic result. The benefits of immediate breast reconstructions are two folds. One, it avoids the trauma of missing a breast. Furthermore, it gives a superior aesthetic result especially when it is performed with nipple sparing mastectomy.
Delayed breast reconstruction is performed as a separate procedure after mastectomy. It yields an inferior aesthetic result and more scar. However, it is delayed it a patient requires post mastectomy radiation and chemotherapy. I hope this information is helpful.
Dr. G

Dr. Goldberg is a breasts reconstructive plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California specializing in the DIEP flap and other state-of-the-art breast reconstruction procedures. Our office will work with different insurance plan and our patients across and outside the US. Please call (310) 325-0310 to learn more about your breast reconstruction options.


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