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What problems can revision breast implants correct?

Posted July 19, 2012 in Breast Revision

As breast augmentation remains one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures administered every year, it is an unfortunate but unavoidable fact that a portion of women will experience unsatisfactory results or complications that affect the outcome of their procedure. At times patient’s expectations may be too high or simply unrealistic. It is important to carefully select your surgeon only after careful research and plenty of thought, however some patients, even after believing that they have done so find that they are not satisfied with their results.

Revision breast augmentation is a procedure that aims to not only correct issues from past breast augmentations, but to create a more suitable result for the breasts, with which the patient is truly satisfied. Revision breast augmentation is often accompanied by breast implants in patients who have decided after the initial procedure that they would like to increase their cup size as well.

Revision breast augmentation can offer unique challenges for a surgeon, but an experienced and skilled surgeon can address problems such as disruption of inframmammary folds and symmastia, improperly positioned implants, surface irregularities, and irregular movement due to chest muscle contraction. Because a surgeon must deal with scarring of tissue and the altered state of the tissues of the breast, each revision breast augmentation can be extremely individualized and it is recommended that revision techniques only be attempted by trusted and experienced surgeons.

A thorough examination, including a mammogram, a physical, and a full study of a patient’s medical history will allow the surgeon to give patients a clear idea of what is possible and what the likely outcome of their procedure will be. A quality surgeon should be patient and ready to explain everything that will be attempted and also be ready to answer any questions the patient might have. Revision breast augmentation specialists should understand that patients are often already weary due to the results of their prior surgery. Revision surgeons should make themselves as available to the patients as possible and shouldn’t offer miracle cures but realistic projections. While the patient’s initial procedure may have been poorly prepared for, poorly handled and may have left a bad taste in their mouth, revision surgery should at minimum, provide results that the patient can live with confidently and renew the patient’s belief that there are surgeons who are dedicated to what they do and fully capable.



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