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How will my nipples be affected by breast reduction surgery?

Posted July 31, 2012 in Breast Reduction

Many patients seeking a breast reduction become worried by a number of horror stories that can be found online, all of which chronicle patients’ damaged or lost nipples resulting from bad breast reduction surgeries. While this is very rare it can happen and can be due to complications during surgery or due to prior medical issues, but is commonly due to environmental and postoperative factors. Surgical techniques can also play a role in proper technique and recovery and patients are advised to seek an American Board Certified Plastic surgeon like Dr. Goldberg, who can offer the highest level of expertise and experience.

Factors like nicotine use can severely threaten proper recovery. Nicotine use, in particular can reduce the oxygen supply to the blood and lead to complications like necrosis (tissue death), which is often directly correlated to nipple loss, infections and hematoma. Even readily available painkillers like Motrin and Aleve should be avoided before surgery and during recovery. These drugs are blood thinners and dramatically increase the risk of blood loss by decreasing the blood’s ability to coagulate and the body’s ability to heal itself.

Proper preparation through adherence to dietary guidelines, regular exercise, as well as abstinence from restricted drugs, blood thinners, and alcohol can help patients recover more quickly and fully from their breast reduction surgery. Dr. Goldberg will carefully instruct patients on how to prepare for surgery and provide details on what should be avoided as well as steps that are essential to maintaining a health body before surgery and after recovery.

Dr. Goldberg schedules follow up appointments after each surgery at regular intervals in order to carefully monitor each patient’s recovery. It is vital that patients make every effort to attend all of the appointments scheduled for them and to follow the doctor’s guidelines. Finding a qualified and American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will mean that patients can rest assured that they are in good hands and worry only about taking care of their personal health and diet.

If you are interested in breast reduction surgery or would like to schedule a consultation or receive more information, contact Dr. Goldberg at her Torrance practice or learn more on Dr. Goldberg’s Breast Reduction Page.


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