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What are the alternatives to breast augmentation?

Posted June 05, 2012 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Enhancement

Shortly after the time when we were little girls playing with our dolls, we all hit puberty and realized that our bodies and our breasts were somehow linked to the concept of our own femininity. For those of us who felt that we came up short during our developing years it can often feel like an endless struggle to find the right push-up bras and the right swimsuits and tank tops to keep our bodies looking in proportion.

The prospect of breast augmentation with use of breast implants has always been in the back of my mind, but I have tried all kinds of alternatives in attempts to get my breasts to grow naturally. I have tried supplements, vacuum bras, creams and even falsies. They all have their strengths and some ability to enhance my figure but they all come with shortcomings as well.

The vacuum bra I used is sold with instructions to be worn for more than half a day, everyday for two and a half months, after which the bra makers claim women might see results. I will be honest and say that I did not make it to the two and a half month mark. I did wear it daily only missing 1-3 days for more than a month. I felt that at that point there should be some indication that my breasts were changing but my breasts felt the same. I was tired of wearing the stupid device and staying home every day, although I do work from home, and I felt cheated for having tried such a ridiculous approach and having worn the thing for so many days, with my husband smirking at me.

I have tried creams (including Retin-A and phytoestrogens) and supplements (Wild Yam, Kava Kava, Motherwart, Sabal, etc.) on multiple occasions for months at a time with no verifiable results. I still wear a 32-B and after measuring regularly during my various trials I have come to the conclusion that there is no quick non-surgical fix.

Indeed, in talking with a local plastic surgeon near my home in Torrance, she confirmed that short of fat injection, which is not offered by most plastic surgeons, the only true method of increasing breast size for any long-term effect is the breast augmentation procedure. During a consultation we talked about my goals for the procedure and what I realistically wanted to achieve. After more than fourteen years of feeling unsatisfied with my cup size, I have decided to have a breast augmentation and I am ecstatic about seeing my body for the first time after recovering. I simply cannot wait.



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