Breast Implant Cost

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Breast implants, or breast augmentation, involve the insertion of silicone or saline implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles. Women seek out breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. Some women suffer a loss of breast mass after breast-feeding or losing a lot of weight which can affect the way their breasts look. Some women want to feel normal again after losing a breast to cancer. Other women are just unhappy with what nature has provided them with. Regardless of the woman’s reasons, one of the things that can sometimes dissuade someone from seeking out this procedure is the perception that it is a very expensive procedure to have done.

If you’re considering a breast implant cost doesn’t need to be as significant a factor as you might think. The cost of breast augmentation varies quite a bit depending on your body type, the results desired, the type of implants you choose. Saline implants are more cost-effective than silicone, as they use cheaper materials and are easier to implant. They are, however, more prone rippling and don’t look or feel as natural as silicon does.

To get an accurate estimate of how much breast augmentation surgery will cost for your particular case, you’ll need to have a full consultation and thorough examination by a doctor. She can take into account your body type and desired results and give you a fairly accurate idea of what the final costs will be. They’re likely not as high as you think.

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