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When Crunches Don’t Cut It: Smart Lipo Can Help

Posted May 27, 2013 in Smart Lipo

Many very motivated and health conscious people have an extremely frustrating problem: They work out faithfully and eat right, yet there are these trouble areas, these isolated islands of fat that simply refuse to yield to even the most aggressive weight loss plan. Chances are, that stubborn bulge is a genetic trait, which often won’t respond to diet and exercise. However, knowing that doesn’t mean accepting defeat. There are solutions, such as Smart Lipo, an advanced, laser assisted liposuction technique that can often help where diet and exercise have failed.

Weight control is an issue that everyone should take seriously for the sake of health and well-being, given the mountain of evidence connecting excess weight to a wide range of health conditions and diseases. However, looking great is fringe benefit that people rightfully expect in return for the hard work and self-discipline they put into achieving their fitness goals. When genetics trouble spots interfere with that ideal, it can be a very frustrating and disappointing experience. It can also, in many cases, affect self-esteem as people worry over body issues they see as flaws, especially in today’s more fitness conscious society or cause them to become discouraged and give up on their fitness routine.

However, while a genetic predisposition to a belly bulge or larger hips or thighs may present a challenge, it is one that can be overcome with today’s medical advances. Smart Lipo is a very good option for people who are otherwise fit, but have a few isolated pockets of fat that no amount of crunches, squats or aerobic exercise seems to affect, offering a effective means of fine tuning the figure to remove those persistent trouble spots.

Smart Lipo is a procedure that combines two advanced aesthetic technologies into one very effective body sculpting technique. It uses a cannula, or hollow tube, equipped with a laser to extract fat from under the skin, the laser liquefying the fat to enable it to be removed through a smaller cannula, and thus a smaller incision, than is possible with traditional liposuction. Meanwhile, the heat of the laser causes cauterization of tissues that minimizes bleeding and stimulates the body’s natural healing process, prompting increased collagen formation which gradually remodels skin over a period of several weeks, improving elasticity for a tighter, more attractive appearance.

A much less invasive and more precise procedure than traditional liposuction, Smart Lipo offers great results with minimal downtime. Most patients generally able to resume normal activities within two or three days. Typically, local anesthesia is sufficient to keep patients comfortable during the procedure. Laser assisted liposuction is a considered a very safe and effective cosmetic procedure. However, as with any surgery, there are risks, including infection, skin burns, swelling or scarring.

Choosing an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon to perform your body sculpting procedure is the best way to minimize those risks. Doctor Goldberg offers Smart Lipo among her many professional services, so please feel free to contact her for an evaluation to see if laser assisted liposuction is right for you.

Author: Doctor Goldberg is a board certified plastic surgeon located in Southern California. Dr. Goldberg obtained her M.D. degree at Stanford University School of Medicine and is the recipient of the prestigious Fresh Start Research Fellowship from the American Plastic Surgery Education Foundation in 2004. She has presented her research at national meetings and several publications in peer reviewed journals.


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