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Smart Lipo Provides Effective Results and Minimal Downtime

Posted May 25, 2013 in Smart Lipo

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle can leave little time for all those things we really need to do to take care of ourselves. Many of us are juggling careers, households, children and aging parents. Perhaps squeezing out a week or more recovering from liposuction to remove that little pooch from your last child or the stubborn bit of flab on your hips just doesn’t seem feasible, no matter how much it irks you every time you look in the mirror. If this is your life, Smart Lipo might be the solution you’ve been looking for, offering effective slimming results with minimal downtime.

If you have a few areas of flab there that cause you to be dissatisfied with your figure, yet you don’t feel they are big enough problems to justify spending a week or more recovering from liposuction, Smart Lipo is definitely an option to explore. This minimally invasive form of liposuction can eliminate stubborn, unwanted fat deposits that ruin your otherwise slim, trim silhouette quickly and efficiently, allowing you get back to your life within two or three days feeling more satisfied and self-confident about your appearance.

Laser assisted liposuction offers advantages beyond just a speedy recovery. This advanced form of liposuction can, depending upon your personal circumstances, offer better results that traditional liposuction in a number of important ways.

Firstly, Smart Lipo uses a much smaller cannula than older liposuction procedures, which is the hollow tube that is used to extract fat from beneath the skin. This is made possible by the role that laser energy plays in the fat extraction process, which is to rupture fat cells, liquefying body fat so that it can be removed with that tiny cannula. A smaller cannula means smaller incisions, leading to lower risk of noticeable scarring and less healing time.

Secondly, laser energy plays other important roles in the process that can offer significant advantages over traditional liposuction. The heat produced by the laser cauterizes surrounding tissues, reducing bleeding, and causes tissue contraction, firming and tightening the skin in the treated area. The laser energy also produces longer-term skin benefits as it heats deep skin tissues, stimulating increased collagen formation to gradually tighten and improve the condition of the skin over a period of several weeks after your Smart Lipo procedure has been completed.

Like any cosmetic procedure, laser assisted liposuction is not for everyone. A thorough evaluation of general health should be done before any cosmetic procedure is performed. Although the procedure does carry fewer risks of complications than traditional liposuction, which is itself considered very safe and effective, there are some potential side effects to consider. Among these are bruising, bleeding, numbness, burns, swelling or infection.

So taking care of that bothersome bulge doesn’t have to mean squeezing a week or so into your already hectic schedule. Chances are, you could have your Smart Lipo procedure done on a Friday and be back to your life by Monday, looking and feeling great – just one weekend between you and that slim, trim figure you have in mind.

Author: Doctor Goldberg is a board certified plastic surgeon located in Southern California. Dr. Goldberg obtained her M.D. degree at Stanford University School of Medicine and is the recipient of the prestigious Fresh Start Research Fellowship from the American Plastic Surgery Education Foundation in 2004. She has presented her research at national meetings and several publications in peer reviewed journals.


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