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Smart Lipo ™ Laser Assisted Liposuction From Goldberg Plastic Surgery

Posted May 06, 2013 in Smart Lipo

The most important aspect of doctor-patient relationships is trust.

For someone considering undergoing any form of elective surgery, even a procedure as low risk and routine as liposuction, it is vital to have confidence that the advice your surgeon is giving you comes out of a concern for what’s best for you, the patient, rather than what’s best for the surgeon. In addition to the standard risks associated with any surgery, cosmetic surgery can have fundamental, long-lasting effects on our self image, and therefore our ability to interact effectively with the world around us. It is exactly this concern for the needs and well-being of her patients that has prompted Dr. Goldberg to add Smart Lipo ™ laser assisted liposuction to the list of procedures she performs.

Smart Lipo ™ is a new form of liposuction with a number of benefits, in some circumstances, over traditional methods of liposuction. With Smart Lipo ™, a small laser is inserted into the patient’s body at the site of an unwanted fat deposit, where it is used to melt the fat. The fat is then allowed to drain out through small incisions, or is removed with suction as with more traditional forms of liposuction.

The key advantages of Smart Lipo ™ are mostly related to the size of the incisions required, and some of the secondary effects of the heat produced by the laser. Because the cannula that delivers the laser into the patient’s body is much smaller than that used in traditional liposuction, the incisions used with laser assisted liposuction are likewise smaller. This usually results in lower amounts of scarring at the site of the procedure in comparison to older techniques. The heat produced by the laser helps to cauterize surrounding tissue, which reduces bleeding significantly and helps to speed the healing and recovery process.

The reasons Dr. Goldberg has added the Smart Lipo ™ procedure to her practice are the same as the reasons she entered medicine in the first place; to help people. Having been the victim of a burn injury herself, she understands the feelings experienced by people in need of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. That’s why, during her extensive education and training at some of America’s most respected science and medical schools, she chose a sub-specialty in reconstructive hand surgeries (in particular those involving nerve damage). That’s why she continues to perform, and publish research into surgical and micro-surgical techniques used in wound repair. That is why she continues to add an ever wider variety of procedures to her repertoire — so she can help more people, more effectively.

Dr. Goldberg is pleased to offer Smart Lipo ™ laser assisted liposuction because, as a tireless advocate for her patients, she is always looking for more and better ways to provide her patients with the services that best fill their needs. If you’re considering any form of body contouring, and need advice you know is made with your best interests in mind, book a consultation with Dr. Goldberg.

Author: Doctor Goldberg is a board certified plastic surgeon located in Southern California. Dr. Goldberg obtained her M.D. degree at Stanford University School of Medicine and is the recipient of the prestigious Fresh Start Research Fellowship from the American Plastic Surgery Education Foundation in 2004. She has presented her research at national meetings and several publications in peer reviewed journals.


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