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When All Else Fails to Budge that Bulge, Liposuction in Torrance Can Help

Posted October 05, 2013 in Liposuction

If you’re frustrated by stubborn areas of body fat and are considering liposuction, Torrance plastic surgeons, you’ll be happy to know, have options that can help you resolve your problem. It is a rather common issue, by the way, even for individuals who work hard to stay fit. Of course, liposuction is no substitute for that hard work, but when diet and exercise have done all they can, it can help you clear that last hurdle to the slim, trim physique you’d like to see in the mirror.

Have you been struggling with a spare tire, love handles or a bit of a bulge in the hips, backside or tummy that just refuses to be worked off with exercise or reduced by dieting? Many of us have areas that are genetically predisposed to fat accumulation, stubborn pockets of fat that will remain even after all other areas of the body are slim, trim and toned. Typically, looking through the family picture album with an attentive eye will reveal similar issues in your parents, grandparents or perhaps and aunt or uncle. Sometimes these areas will appear early in life, presenting a lifelong challenge, or they may arrive on the scene as a person approaches middle-age, body fat accumulating in these areas mysteriously, with no changes in diet or exercise to account for it.

If this is the sort of issue you are experiencing, you’re just the type of person that can be helped by liposuction. Torrance patients who are in good general health and at or near their ideal body weight are the best candidates for both traditional liposuction procedures or newer, laser assisted options, like SmartLipo. Both offer permanent removal of fat and can target specific areas of fat accumulation. Traditional liposuction, which is the more invasive of the two, may be the best option under some circumstances. SmartLipo, however, can often offer comparable results with smaller incisions and less downtime, and as an added benefit, can offer some skin tightening benefits. Which of the two is the best means of meeting your body sculpting goals is a decision best made with your plastic surgeon, after a thorough evaluation of your individual circumstances.

With the help of liposuction, Torrance patients can finally win the battle of the bulge, even those particularly persistent and previously undefeatable love handles or saddle bags passed down through the family, plaguing one generation after another. However, it is important to remember that while it is a safe and effective procedure, liposuction is surgery. To minimize risk of complications, only an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon should perform liposuction. Torrance patients should also be sure to provide surgeons with accurate health information to ensure a thorough evaluation of risk factors.


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