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Female Plastic Surgeon South Bay: Comfort, Quality and Keen Aesthetic Perception

Posted October 25, 2013 in Goldberg Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a very personal experience, much more so than even the most intimate aspects of routine medical care. While a woman may be quite uncomfortable when she must bare all for a gynecological exam, a consultation with a plastic surgeon can be, for many, an infinitely more invasive experience. Often, women see a plastic surgeon in order to correct body issues they have been self-conscious about for years, placing them in the position of baring not just their bodies, but long-held and very private insecurities as well. With a female plastic surgeon, South Bay women often find the experience much more comfortable, enabling the open communication and cooperation necessary for optimal treatment results.

Exceptional results in any type of cosmetic procedure depends on a feeling of trust and partnership between surgeon and patient. The patient must feel comfortable enough to openly express her desires and goals, a process that often involves disclosing a great deal of very personal information. A woman interested in enlarging breasts that have been a source of embarrassment for her, or perhaps reducing disproportionately large ones that have caused both physical and emotional pain, may not be able to express her needs as freely as she should with a male surgeon. While it’s certainly true that not all women feel awkward or uncomfortable baring their souls to male surgeons, with a female plastic surgeon, South Bay women who do often feel more secure throughout the process, confident that their surgeon understands their issues from a woman’s perspective.

Even for the most confident patient, there are advantages to be had from the unique perspective and insight of a female plastic surgeon. South Bay patients who consult with a number of surgeons before choosing one – as all well-informed medical consumers should – often find that the office and manner of a skilled and talented female surgeon offers a distinctly different atmosphere than male-run practices. The differences noted have included a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere, greater attention to detail, more thorough explanations of possibilities and procedures, a female perspective on beauty, and the unique insight a woman brings to the table in discussing, understanding and resolving women’s appearance concerns.

If you prefer to discuss your particular appearance issues with a female plastic surgeon, South Bay area patients will find none more skilled and talented – male or female – than Dr. Goldberg of Goldberg Plastic Surgery. A highly-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Goldberg is a premier provider of cosmetic and reconstructive services, offering variety of specialized procedures including breast, body, face, hand, and skin procedures to patients in the in Long Beach, as well as the Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, and Torrance areas.


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