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Choosing Your Face Lift Surgeon

Posted August 30, 2013 in Facelift, Goldberg Plastic Surgery

Although we all show our age in different ways, the face is often the first place where Father Time makes his presence felt. This is particularly true for those of us with an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Pharmacies and department store cosmetics departments are overflowing with anti-aging treatments; from wrinkle removers to skin hydrating gels and tighteners to full facial mud masks. These products can only do so much, however, and eventually most of us begin to consider taking more drastic measures — such as the face lift.

The face lift has become almost commonplace these days. It is, however, a procedure that is also constantly evolving, with new techniques being developed on an ongoing basis. This can make it difficult to choose the right plastic surgeon.

Your first step when choosing a plastic surgeon is to consider her skills, experience, and personality.

Yes, personality.

Plastic surgery is a very personal process that often has very significant and far-reaching effects on every aspect of your life. It is very important that your plastic surgeon be someone who can understand your needs, and your goals, and who is dedicated to helping you achieve them.

Personality is an important part of selecting your plastic surgeon, of course, but don’t forget to consider education and experience as well. Someone like Dr. Goldberg, who has a wealth of experience with a wide variety of procedures, and who has studied extensively and done research in reconstructive surgical techniques and microsurgery is vastly preferable to a surgeon who only performs face lift procedures, or who only knows one way to do it.

The fact is, although we often walk into our plastic surgeon’s office with a fairly good idea of what we want done, a good surgeon will discuss your goals and desired results with you in terms of your specific physiology, and help you determine the best way to meet those goals — which isn’t always via the procedures you were expecting.

Sometimes, a patient who is considering a face lift would be better served by minor eyelid surgery and some liposuction, but a surgeon who only performs a small handful of procedures will be unlikely to consider alternative options. A surgeon with limited experience in a variety of procedures therefore limits your options. A surgeon with a broad array of experience can often find a better way to achieve your goals.

The next step, once you’ve narrowed down your choice of cosmetic surgeon, is to book a consultation. The conversation and examination during your consultation will allow you to finalize your choice, and make sure you’re choosing the right surgeon for your needs.


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