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Choosing a Surgeon For Your Eyelid Surgery

Posted August 20, 2013 in Eyelid Surgery

The decision to undergo eyelid surgery can be a very difficult one. Plastic surgery has become increasingly commonplace, which has led to proliferation of plastic surgeons to choose from. This, in turn, can make it very difficult to choose the right surgeon.

Choosing the right surgeon is tremendously important, even if you are considering something as innocuous as standard liposuction. When the procedure you are interested in involves your eyes, however, your choice of surgeon takes on whole new levels of importance. While there is certainly a chance of complications in any surgical procedure, the consequences of a problem during a surgical procedure that deals with your eyes can be dire.

At a bare minimum, before undergoing eyelid surgery, it’s important that your plastic surgeon be certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Any medical doctor is legally entitled to perform most plastic surgical procedures in the US, but that doesn’t mean they are capable of doing so. Certification by the ASPS ensures that a surgeon is both qualified and competent to perform these procedures.

Another important consideration is the focus and personality of the surgeon. This is something that you can determine during a consultation. Your surgeon’s character and personality should instill trust, and you should feel that you can rely on her to have your best interests in mind. Her focus should be on your goals for your appearance rather than on this procedure, or that procedure. If you feel that this is not the case, it’s a sign that you should be looking elsewhere.

In addition to those two basic aspects, there are a few other things you can look for that make some surgeons stand out above the others. Not all medical schools are created equally, and where your surgeon got their education can make quite a bit of difference. Dr. Goldberg, for example, received her medical degree from Stanford.

Eyelid surgery, although generally performed without any major complications or issues, involves close proximity to a number of very delicate, and very important, pieces of your anatomy. In addition to your eyeball itself, there are also the tear ducts, a very high density of nerve bundles, and the cluster of very fine muscles that control the eyelids and surrounding tissue. This is where Dr. Goldberg’s specialization in reconstructive and micro-surgical techniques really comes into play.

Aging, and its effects on our appearance can be very stressful. Eyelid surgery should be a cure for that stress, not an additional cause. If you’re considering the possibility of an eye lift, book a consultation with Dr. Goldberg to discuss your options.


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