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Cosmetic Breast Surgery in Torrance, California

Posted January 31, 2013 in Breast Enhancement, Breast Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re looking into cosmetic breast surgery, cosmetic surgeons in Torrance have a selection of procedures available to help you enhance your figure. Whether your breasts are smaller or larger than you’d like, or have suffered the effects of pregnancy or aging, a skilled and board certified plastic surgeon can help you achieve a look you’ll find more satisfying.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Torrance: Augmentation

Breast augmentation procedures are the most commonly performed type of cosmetic breast surgery. Cosmetic surgeons in Torrance use different methods to augment the shape, size or volume of breasts, with the most popular being the breast implant procedure. Breast implants are medical devices, composed of a silicone envelope that can be filled with either silicone or a saline solution and are then placed into the breasts. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to produce differing looks according to the preferences and anatomy of each patient.

Breast lifts, done with or without implants, are another very popular cosmetic breast surgery. Cosmetic surgeons in Torrance perform these procedures in order to correct sagging or volume loss in the breasts that commonly occurs with pregnancy, nursing, weight loss or aging. A simple breast lift tightens the skin of the breasts, giving them a firmer, perkier and more youthful profile. If additional size or volume is desired, breast implants can be placed during the breast lift procedure.

Fat transfer procedures can be a great option for women who are interested in subtle breast augmentation. For this type of cosmetic breast surgery, Torrance doctors use liposuction to remove fat from a woman’s own body, harvesting it from the thighs, belly or hips, to be injected into the breasts to add size or volume.

Reduction or Reconstruction

Many women turn to cosmetic surgery to find relief from the physical and emotional discomfort that can come from very large breasts. Breast reduction procedures have helped many alleviate that discomfort. Women who have suffered the affects of breast cancer, congenital breast deformities or disfigurement due to complications with a previous cosmetic procedure often find relief with breast reconstruction procedures.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Torrance: Choosing Your Surgeon

Great results depend on choosing a great surgeon to perform your cosmetic breast surgery. Torrance has quite a selection of surgeons from which to choose, some more qualified in the practice of cosmetic surgery than others. Among the most important credential to look for to ensure expertise is board certification in plastic surgery. A doctor that holds this certification has undergone years of specialized training in plastic surgery, gaining a deeper understanding of and proficiency in cosmetic procedures. It is important to know that not every doctor performing these procedures has that certification, since any one with an M.D. can offer cosmetic breast surgery, and that complication rates are lower in breast procedures done by board certified plastic surgeons.

Dr Goldberg is a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive specialized training and experience in plastic and micro surgery. That skill, combined with her unique flair for the aesthetic and her determination to understand and meet the individual needs of each patient she serves makes Dr. Goldberg a great choice for any woman considering cosmetic breast surgery. Torrance area women who would like to learn more about cosmetic surgery or schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldberg will find all the information they need by visiting


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