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Are You Seeking Cosmetic Breast Surgery in Torrance?

Posted December 31, 2012 in Breast Surgery

If you’re looking for cosmetic breast surgery, Torrance plastic surgeons have plenty of options to offer to enhance your figure. However, surgery is a serious step and great results depend on making solid, informed choices. So before you commit to a procedure, learn as much as you can about cosmetic breast surgery. Torrance surgeons offer a range of surgical enhancements to improve your figure, and choosing the right one to suit your needs can be a confusing task. You’ll want to spend some time researching various procedures and consulting with several surgeons before making those important choices to be sure that you walk away with the beautiful, natural looking results you have in mind.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery, Torrance: Choosing the Right Surgeon is Priority One

Although Torrance is a small city, there are quite a few surgeons in the area that offer cosmetic breast surgery. Torrance is, after all, located in Los Angeles County. What that means is that if you take your time and consult with a few surgeons, you’re sure to find just the right surgeon for your procedure. The first consideration, of course, must be that your surgeon has excellent credentials and a solid track record of great results. However, personality matters too, so once you’ve screened for talent and experience, choose the surgeon on your list who makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed. You’ve got a lot of very personal decisions to make, so having a supportive, concerned professional in your corner is essential.

Breast Augmentation Procedures

Breast augmentation is the most frequently requested type of cosmetic breast surgery. Torrance surgeons perform these procedures to correct aspects of a woman’s figure that she sees as a flaws, such as breasts that she feels are disproportionately small or large, are uneven in size or shape, or have changed in appearance due to motherhood, weight loss or aging.

For women who are looking to increase size or volume with cosmetic breast surgery, Torrance surgeons can perform a breast implant procedure. These are done on more than 250,000 women every year, and can offer great results when done by a skillful and experienced plastic surgeon. Implants can be chosen in a number of sizes, shapes and styles to suit your build, anatomy and the appearance you’d like to achieve.

Fat transfer procedures are among the latest and most advanced options in cosmetic breast surgery. Torrance surgeons may recommend these procedures for women who need just a mild size or volume enhancement or would rather not have a more invasive procedure. Fat transfer procedures use liposuction to remove fat from a woman’s hips, tummy or thighs, which is then injected into the breasts to enlarge them or make them more shapely.

For the woman who is happy with her size, but has noticed some sagging or loss of volume due to pregnancy, weight loss or aging, a breast lift may be the cosmetic breast surgery Torrance plastic surgeons would recommend. This procedure revitalizes the breasts by tightening loose skin, restoring a perkier, more youthful figure. If a simple breast lift is not enough to restore lost volume, or you would like to enhance size, a breast lift with implants can be done. In women who have larger, heavier breasts than they would like, breast reduction can help and can be combined with a breast lift for a wonderful new look.


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