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Breast Augmentation: Achieving Optimal Results From Your Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Posted June 26, 2013 in Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most popular form of cosmetic breast surgery, performed 286,274 times in the United States in 2012, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, while the procedure has become quite routine and is fairly low-risk, it is not a simple surgery and it is a mistake to view it as one. Many of us, patients and surgeons alike, are too casual about breast augmentation, an issue that likely contributes to the high rates of breast implant revisions, a problem that affects as many as 20 percent of women within the first three years after augmentation.

Find the Right Surgeon

The key to getting the great results you want from a breast augmentation procedure is choosing the right plastic surgeon. Start by making a list of skilled and experienced plastic surgeons in your area with solid credentials, satisfied patients and low revision rates. Then, consult with several on that list to find the one with whom you feel most comfortable, since preparing for your cosmetic breast surgery will require a great deal of communication.

Does your surgeon take her time in explaining your options and take your questions and concerns seriously? Is he willing to explain exactly why he recommends one option over another? Has she done a thorough evaluation of your anatomy before making recommendations on implant style and size? This is an important point, since using an implant that is not sized to suit your anatomy can lead to poor aesthetic results or even serious complications that make revision necessary. Since no two women are alike, each cosmetic breast surgery is unique, so do not accept a cookie cutter approach to breast augmentation.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Being in great health when you have your cosmetic breast surgery can reduce complication risks. So, if you have poor dietary habits, get yourself on a healthy diet and take a good multivitamin supplement with minerals to ensure your body and your immune system are at their best. If you smoke, quit well before your surgery. A good skin care routine is important as well, since soft, supple skin promotes healing and discourages scarring.

Taking good care of yourself after your procedure is essential to minimizing your risk of complications. Be sure that you schedule your surgery with care, ensuring that you’ll have ample time for rest and recovery. Follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions to the letter, especially activity restrictions, since strenuous activity can inhibit proper healing.

You will be uncomfortable immediately after surgery, as bruising, swelling, fatigue and pain are common, so having a friend or family member close to help you through the first days of recovery may be wise. You may experience a feeling of tightness in the breast skin for a few weeks after cosmetic breast surgery as your body adjusts to your new size, and sensation may be impaired during the initial healing period. Most importantly, ask for a list of signs you should be watching for in terms of post-surgical complications and notify your surgeon of potential problems immediately.

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