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Cosmetic Breast Surgery Isn’t Always About Appearances

Posted July 05, 2013 in Breast Enhancement, Cosmetic Surgery, Goldberg Plastic Surgery

When people hear the term cosmetic breast surgery, breast augmentation is often the first thing that comes to mind. However, many women who seek cosmetic breast procedures aren’t interested in augmentation at all. Rather, they have a desire to reduce the size of breasts that they feel are disproportionately large, an issue that can have both physical and emotional ramifications. Fortunately, breast reduction surgery can offer relief to these women, creating breasts that are lighter, firmer and more suitably proportioned for a woman’s frame.

Physical problems that develop as a result of carrying the weight of heavy, pendulous breasts are the most common reason women seek to reduce their breast size. Among the issues that can occur are back problems and neck pain, as body alignment is altered to compensate for disproportionate weight in the upper body. Exercise may be a difficultly, as large, heavy breasts often cause discomfort during physical activity. Many women develop deep grooves in the shoulders, caused by bra straps that are pulled tight by the weight of the breasts. Under such circumstances, breast reduction is often covered by health insurance, deemed a necessary reconstructive procedure rather than cosmetic breast surgery.

Women with large, pendulous breasts often seek cosmetic breast surgery because they are unhappy or self-conscious about the size of their breasts, an issue that can seriously impact a woman’s self-esteem. Women may be uncomfortable in the workplace or in social situations due to embarrassment over their appearance, or may avoid socializing as much as possible, resulting in self-imposed isolation.

Breasts that are disproportionately large can create very practical problems that spur women to investigate cosmetic breast surgery, such as severely limiting clothing options, since fitted clothing is seldom available in sizes that fit properly. Additionally, the need for strong, structured and supportive undergarments makes many styles impractical for women with larger breasts. These factors often leave women with little choice but to choose loose, shapeless styles. This can be particularly troublesome for young high-school or college age women, who often are quite embarrassed by being limited to “granny styles.”

Done by a skilled and talented plastic surgeon, reduction procedures can yield beautiful and comfortable results, creating a smaller, lighter and more shapely breast by removing excess skin, fat and tissue. Some scarring is an unavoidable side-effect of breast reduction surgery. The location and size of incisions are a factor in how noticeable your scars will be, and will vary according to the surgical technique used in your procedure.

Breast reduction is best done after breasts are fully developed, and women must be in good general heath to undergo the procedure. As with any surgery, complications are possible and should be explained thoroughly by your surgeon in terms that you clearly understand. It is important to note that breast reduction is a more complex procedure than other types of cosmetic breast surgery, making it important to choose a surgeon who, like Dr. Goldberg, has extensive training and experience in breast surgeries of all kinds, including complex breast reconstruction.

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