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I have had satisfied patients tell me that they finally feel beautiful, like themselves again.

Reviews for Dr. Goldberg

“Since my surgery I can say that I feel amazing about my whole experience from start to finish! Before going to Dr. Goldberg, I had been to another surgeon’s office. From the first day I walked into Dr. Goldberg’s office for my consultation, I felt like I was in the right place and in the right hands. I felt very welcomed and all of my questions and concerns were completely put at ease. Once I met Dr. Goldberg, I knew she was the right doctor for me. She understood the desired outcome I wanted from surgery. Before surgery, I was a confident person. But now, I’m even more confident! I feel better in every way. I was able to improve something about myself that was an insecurity for me! That feels amazing!!”

— J.C.


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“I did it!” I found a fabulous plastic surgeon. I want everyone out there who needs reconstructive breast surgery to know that Dr Goldberg, who is such a doll, is absolutely the way to go. I researched for one entire year, meeting with five different plastic surgeons, and was not happy with any of their approaches. I was ready to give up, but then I found her. Dr Goldberg is excellent in her field, humane, loving, and kind at all times. She was always concerned with my well being, personally calling and checking on me and monitoring any pain or discomfort I was feeling. Her office staff is sweet and caring, as well as easy to reach. She is totally a different type of doctor, and I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. I have 100% excellent results. Try her and you will love her too.

— M.N.

When I fell and fractured my right wrist last April, I consider myself truly blessed in that I was referred to you. Not only did you do an outstanding surgery on my injury but you treated me with kindness and empathy. You explained what was going on each step of the way, you answered any and all my questions with infinite patience, soothed and assured me when I grew a bit anxious about my progress and all in all, you made a terrifying time for me so much less stressful. For all of that I’m oh so very grateful. As for your staff gosh, I just can’t say enough about how wonderfully they treated me. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you all did for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless.

— J.N.

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Mytien Goldberg as the doctor who very likely saved my life! Allow me to explain. While working in my yard, cutting back some vines along a fence, I scratched my lower arm near my wrist. It was so tiny that I thought it required no immediate attention. Later when I washed up, a bandaid was not needed.

Several days later, a slight pain developed in my wrist. I thought I must have sprained it, not remembering the scratch. When discomfort in my wrist worsened, I sought help at the Hand and Wrist Institute.

What a shock it was to have Dr. Goldberg tell me that she was sending me to the hospital right then! She ordered that I was to be admitted and that antibiotics would be put into my system through a needle into a vein.

She diagnosed me as having a very dangerous infection named cellulitis. She explained that it was a soft tissue infection, one that can be fatal if not treated before it spreads too far. When she questioned me about any wounds to my wrist, I then recalled the garden incident.

In my opinion, Dr. Goldberg was very sharp to have picked up so quickly on my problem. How lucky I was to have her as my doctor. If not for her astute diagnosis, I hate to think what might have been the outcome.

Several months later Dr. Goldberg operated on my left arm for a carpal tunnel problem and an ulnar nerve release. Those surgeries have resulted in a complete recovery with full use of my hand, wrist, and arm. She is not only very competent, but has an endearing personality as well.

— J.T.

Every now and then we are reminded that the short cuts we take can have serious consequences. I was introduced to Dr. Goldberg and her associates, which turned out to be a series of fortunate events.

It was Sunday evening and I had been working all day in my garage. I was boring a hole in a 2-by-4 and the piece grabbed, then shot across the room in less than a second. My left hand went with it, and the next thing I new, my thumb was barely hanging on. It had been crushed with the top all chewed up. I wrapped it and rushed to emergency. The nurses and doctors were very sympathetic, but could not hide the fact it was bad news for my thumb. Luckily, the ER doctor informed me that the surgical consult was a plastic surgeon specializing in hands. That was when I was introduced to Dr. Goldberg who carefully examined my hand. She categorized my injury as a crushing (bone) injury with severe damage to the first joint and all the skin and ligaments on top. I appreciated Dr. Goldberg’s candor and detail in explaining her plan for repairing my thumb.

Surgery was scheduled for the following day. It took more than 4 hours, but Dr. Goldberg managed to successfully reconstruct my thumb. The bone was reassembled with a metal plate and very small screws. Since there was no skin and to get the bone to heal, she created a live flap rerouted from a piece of skin off of my index finger. A graft from my upper arm was used to cover the gap left by the removed flap on the index finger (kind of “Skin musical chairs”). A lot of detailed work brilliantly executed.

I did not realize how much we depend on thumbs until I was out of the cast and started physical therapy. Being without it was like missing that hand. After many weeks of physical therapy with Stephanie Djang, I’ve been able to regain most of the function of my thumb in dexterity and strength. The only limit is some flexibility, which is still better that originally estimated.

I wanted to thank Dr. Goldberg for the fantastic work she did. Her attention to detail and surgical skill got my thumb back. date, I’ve been able to get back into my home improvement projects – “safety first”!, well as backpacking with my son.



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