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Welcome to The Center for Breast Reconstruction In Beverly Hills

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Vanessa Quan and Lily Aguirre are two-thirds of the all-female team, in addition to Dr. Mytien Goldberg, who makes up the Center for Breast Reconstruction in Beverly Hills.

As soon you walk into their office, you’ll be able to appreciate the teamwork that went into creating a relaxing but upbeat ambiance.

Between the beachy decor, available refreshments, and dedication to their patients, Vanessa, Lily, and Dr. Goldberg aim to provide the women and men who seek their help with a higher level of care.

Vanessa Quan

Practice Manager and Patient Care Coordinator

You’ll find practice manager Vanessa Quan hard at work scheduling procedures and ensuring that Dr. Goldberg’s practice runs smoothly. Still, she’s never too busy to answer any questions our patients might have.

Whether your question has to do with billing, scheduling, or operations, Vanessa has the answer or can get it quickly.

A Passion for Healthcare

Vanessa grew up in Los Angeles, California, and graduated from the State University of New York in Purchase, NY, with a degree in psychology. She went straight to work in the healthcare field.

She started in radiology, working with breast cancer patients, and then made her way into reconstructive plastic surgery.

Dr. Goldberg appreciates Vanessa’s experience and attentive approach to her patients and her business, while Vanessa finds meeting and advocating for new patients as they transition through physical changes extremely rewarding. Vanessa enjoys being part of a team that provides excellent results.

Lily Aguirre

Medical Assistant

As a medical assistant, Lily Aguirre spends her days assisting Dr. Goldberg and helping new and returning patients become informed about their upcoming procedures. She works hard to reduce any anxiety the patient may be feeling and put them at ease.

She is responsible for creating the educational PowerPoint presentations used to inform patients, as well as shooting before and after photographs and videos for the website. She also helps greet patients and answer any medical questions they may have.

Committed to Patient Satisfaction

Lily was born in Fountain Valley, California, and grew up in the Orange County area. She attended Maruist college where she was a Division 1 athlete and then transferred to UC – Irvine, and graduated with a degree in biology.

She went on to receive a master’s in global medicine from USC and has been admitted to medical school to pursue her MD in plastic surgery.

Dr. Goldberg loves the empathetic assistance Lily offers, and Lily’s favorite part of working with Dr. Goldberg is helping her patients, especially those who have undergone a mastectomy and need or received reconstructive breast surgery.

She finds being part of the process that can make women feel whole again and hearing their stories very rewarding. She also loves working with a diverse patient population.


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