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Jawline Augmentation

Dr. Mytien Goldberg philosophy on male aesthetic surgery: unique understanding that men want to look like a better version of themselves.

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Jaw Line Augmentation Beverly Hills

A squared jaw and sculpted neckline are well recognized masculine traits and consider as handsome features across cultures. For men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, they will look ten years younger having their chin augmented and neckline sculpted. As men age, the jawline becomes less defined and the chin appears smaller, leading to an overweight appearance. For some, the neck accumulates fat leading to the appearance of a “double chin”.

Jawline Augmentation

The jawline augmentation involves liposuction of the neck line and chin to remove excess fat. At the same time, Dr. Goldberg will augment the chin projection with a small chin implant. The result is the squared jawline and sculpted neckline that for many brings to mind the “classic Hollywood” masculine look.

Jawline augmentation surgery

The surgery often involves liposuction of the jawline and neck area to remove excess fat and create a sculpted jawline. The chin is augmented through a small incision below the chin. The surgery duration takes about 1-2 hours under local anesthesia.

Recovery time

The immediate prominent swelling and bruising last about 4 to 5 days. The prolong swelling and final result of the surgery may not be seen until 3 months after surgery.

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