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Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

Nose reshaping surgery improves shape and function of the nose

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Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, is designed to address problems related to both the shape and function of the nose in both men and women. While the shape of your nose is usually the result of heredity, the appearance may have been altered in an injury or during prior surgery. Rhinoplasty is designed to refine and reshape a nose on the bridge as well as the tip and create an end result that is more in balance with a patient’s overall facial features. Nose reshaping surgery may also correct impaired breathing caused by structural abnormalities in the nose.

Rhinoplasty Candidates

The best rhinoplasty candidates are patients who have never had previous nasal surgery and suffer from a bump on the bridge of the nose, a “bulbous” or a wide nasal tip, or just generally unhappy with the shape of their nose. Additionally, patients who demonstrate a physical obstruction of the nasal airway (rather than allergies or medical issues) are usually good candidates for improvement in their airflow and breathing. This must be confirmed and documented by Dr. Goldberg after she has performed a full physical examination.

Goldberg Plastic Surgery

Dr. Goldberg can refine and reshape a nose and create an end result that is more in balance.

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The Procedure

There are two approaches in rhinoplasty, open and closed. In the open rhinoplasty approach, a short incision is made across the column of the nose between the nostrils. In certain circumstances, the closed approach is sufficient and allows for a simple reduction of a bump on the bridge or small manipulations to the nasal tip. However, most of the closed approach is performed “blind” meaning that the surgeon does not see directly all of the areas requiring treatment. The open approach facilitates complete visualization of the anatomy of the nose and allows for more accurate reshaping of the nasal framework and airway.


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