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Brow Lift in Beverly Hills

Elevate and reshape fallen brows with the goal of producing a refreshed, brighter appearance around the eyes

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Case Study

Patient is a 52-year-old woman seeking an improvement in aging and volume loss.

Surgery: Patient underwent brow lift and fat transfer to midface and nasolabial folds.

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Brow Lift Surgery

Brow lift surgery targets both the brow position and shape. The objective of a brow lift is to elevate and reshape fallen low brows with the goal of producing a refreshed, brighter appearance around the eyes. Good browlift surgery candidates are patients who have a lower brow position, a “heavy” upper eyelid, or those who have a shape that gives the appearance that the patient is unhappy or angry. A lot of patients compensate for sagging brow by unconsciously lifting their brow using the frontalis muscle in the forehead, leading to the appearance of deep frown lines. Since the brow and eyes are viewed together as a single unit, recreating a youthful and rested look often requires combining brow lift procedure with eyelid lift surgery.

The goal of brow lift is to restore the youthful brown position and shape. In a typical youthful brow, the position is at or slightly above the orbital rim, and the shape of the brow slowly arches laterally as it progresses to the side of the face. There are several techniques to restore the youthful brow position and shape, endoscopic brow lift, coronal brow lift, and hairline approach. Depending on your individual anatomy and brow position, Dr. Goldberg can advise you on which technique best suits your need.


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