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Hybrid Breast Reconstruction

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Hybrid Breast Reconstruction combining DIEP flap and an implant

A hybrid breast reconstruction is combining DIEP flap with an implant in breast reconstructive surgery setting to achieve the desired volume and shape.

Who is a candidate for a hybrid breast reconstruction?

Women with a small abdominal tissue and have breast cancer that requires radiation after mastectomy are great candidates for a hybrid breast reconstruction. This surgical option allows for the addition of healthy non-radiated tissue (DIEP flap) and an implant to achieve a desired breast volume and shape. Dr. Goldberg is the only few experts in the country that offer this unique reconstructive option for her patients in one surgery.

Hybid Breast Reconstruction Patient Before and After Surgery

*Individual Results May Vary

Case Study

Patient is a 56-year-old woman with history of 2 positive left breast cancer who elected to undergo bilateral breast mastectomy without reconstruction. She underwent chemotherapy after her mastectomy. When she seeks Dr. Goldberg’s help, she complains of chest tightness and inability to take deep breaths. She is an avid Swimmer who is very thin. The only excess tissue she has is in her thighs. Her breast reconstruction journey included:

Surgery 1: Bilateral breast reconstruction with hybrid reconstruction including PAP flap  + impalnts  – profunda artery perforator flaps with implants. Implants Mentor moderate plus 240 cc

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How long does the procedure take?

Normally, a hybrid breast reconstruction takes about 3 hours per breast. For bilateral hybrid breast reconstruction, the surgery is about 6-7  hours. The patient stays in the hospital for 3 days.

What is the recovery process?

Once the patient is discharge home, the recovery process is very smooth. Dr. Goldberg ask you to refrain from heavy lifting or pulling for 6 weeks. This allow for the incisions to heal. If a person has a desk job they may return to work as early as 2 weeks. In women with manual labor job, the person may return to work in 4-6 weeks


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