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Delayed Breast Reconstruction

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What is a Delayed Breast Reconstruction?

Delayed breast reconstruction means restoring one’s breast to its natural form from consequences of either mastectomy (complete removal of breast tissue) or lumpectomy (removal of part of the breast). A delayed breast reconstruction is when reconstruction takes place months or years after breast cancer treatments. Some patients are diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, such as inflammatory breast cancers or triple negative breast cancers, and chose to have their cancer removed either through a lumpectomy or mastectomy without a plastic surgery consult and thus reconstruction. After beating cancer, most women start to look inward and want to restore what they have lost in the battle against breast cancer.

It is never too late to seek advice on breast reconstructions. Dr. Goldberg believes that everyone woman is unhappy with the results of her breast cancer treatments, she should seek a plastic surgery consult to recapture what she has lost during her fight with breast cancer.

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