Male Aesthetics

There is a dramatic rise in cosmetic procedures among male population in the US and worldwide. These are men who want to look and feel good about themselves. In the corporate world, looking youthful can give a man the edge to climb the corporate ladder. Not unlike women, men also want to look as energetic and youthful as they feel inside. Because of time, sun exposure, weight changes, and a decrease in testosterone level as men age, some men may not recognize the face or body that reflect back at them in the mirror. For these men, there are tools that will help them look better through male aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Goldberg’s philosophy on male aesthetic surgery is her unique understanding that men do not want to alter their appearance. Rather, they want to look like a better version of themselves. Everyone deserves to look like their rock star twin. Maintaining and enhancing masculine features is key. Avoiding the overdone look or feminization of the male features are also essential.  Dr. Goldberg provides the following male aesthetic surgery procedures.

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