Tuberous Breasts

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Tuberous Breast – This is a distinctive abnormality in breast tissue development, also known in layman’s terms as “snoopy breast” or “tubular breast”. The deformity has several key features

  • Narrow breast base
  • Higher breast fold
  • Under develop breast tissue in different areas of the breast
  • And most importantly, protrusion of breast tissue through a tight ring around the areolar.
The condition is often manifested at puberty during regular breast development. However, the majority of the women with this deformity go undiagnosed.   These women struggle with the deformity in secrecy.  The condition poses a significant psychological impact on these women.

“Having tubular breasts impacted all areas of my life, the way I dressed, the way I behaved, my relationships, confidence and health. The list just goes on. When my doctors explained there was something wrong with my breasts and it had a medical name, I was incredibly relieved. Actually doing something about it was an absolute joy!”- blogged a 20 year old woman, who underwent treatment for her conditions.

What is the treatment for tuberous breast deformity?

A successful treatment for tuberous breast depends on the correct diagnosis of the condition. It is not simply solved with placement of a breast implant. Failure to recognize the condition could result in severe deformity after a breast augmentation. Therefore, it is very important that your plastic surgeon recognize the condition and perform the correct surgical treatment for tuberous breasts.

Tuberous breast deformity is considered breast reconstruction for congenital breast deformity. Since it is a deformity, there is a spectrum of severity. In the most severe cases, the breast is tubular with a very constricted base, very tight skin envelope, and minimal breast tissue.  In these severe cases, it requires 2 surgeries to correct the abnormal high breast crease, release of the tight constriction ring around the nipple-areolar complex, rearrangement of breast tissue, and expansion of the skin envelope in the inferior pole. In the first stage of the surgery, an incision is made around the nipple areolar complex, the constriction ring is release, the high breast crease is lowered, and a tissue expander is placed beneath the breast tissue to expand the skin envelope. After a short recovery process of 2 weeks, your surgeon will slowly expand the tissue expander with saline which can be done weekly in the office. After 4 to 6 weeks of expansion, you will return for stage 2 of the reconstruction which involves removal of the tissue expander and placement of a permanent implant. During the expansion process, you can choose the final breast size you desire.

For a mild tuberous breast deformity, the reconstruction could be managed in a single stage. The whole procedure needs to be done meticulously in preventing secondary deformity such as double bubble deformity. It can be corrected in one surgery as an outpatient and surgery time is about 3 to 4 hours.  All surgeries are performed under geral anesthesia. Patient may return to work or school at 1 week, more strenuous activity at 3 to 4 weeks. In a one stage reconstruction, patient should expect bruising, some pain, and may require surgical drains for one for 2 days.

Tuberous Breasts Correction

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