Tuberous Breasts Correction in Beverly Hills

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The condition referred to as tuberous breasts (sometimes tubular breasts) is characterized by breasts which are constricted and very narrow at the base. Also, they have a long skin envelope and often have dense herniated tissues exerting pressure on the areola causing them to bulge or enlarge and protrude outward. There is often a high inframammary fold and little or no breast tissue in the bottom of the breast and very tight skin below the nipple.

Women with symptoms of tuberous breasts often feel a great deal of anxiety and experience a number of self-esteem issues if the condition is left untreated. Although the symptoms above are those most commonly experienced, tuberous breasts can exhibit a number of unique manifestations in different patients and many patients may not be aware that tuberous breasts are at the root of their problems.

Tuberous breasts can be challenging for cosmetic plastic surgeons to correct and should be handled only by Board Certified Plastic surgeons. The process for correcting tuberous breasts involves making a few easily concealable incisions through which the surgeon can access the tightened internal tissues that keep the breasts from appearing normal – incisions can often be made only around the areola to leave minimal scarring. This rounds out the lower breast (inframammary) crease, allows the breast to hang more naturally, and allows space for implants or fat injection obtained from abdomen or lower back and flanks.

The surgical procedure is generally performed under general anesthesia in 3-4 hours. Patients will need plenty or bed rest for the next several days and full results will only be apparent after healing and recovery, which will take several months altogether.

Dr. Goldberg takes great care and attention with each patient. Each patient’s needs vary and the doctor makes sure to open clear lines of communications. Dr. Goldberg believes that a well informed patient is empowered to make the right decisions for her body. Although the surgical procedure for tuberous breasts is a technically challenging surgery, Dr. Goldberg enjoys performing the procedure because of the complete change it can bring about in a woman’s confidence and self-image.


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