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When people hear the term cosmetic breast surgery, breast augmentation is often the first thing that comes to mind. However, many women who seek cosmetic breast procedures aren’t interested in augmentation at all. Rather, they have a desire to reduce the size of breasts that they feel are disproportionately large, an issue that can have both physical and emotional ramifications. Fortunately, breast reduction surgery can offer relief to these women, creating breasts that are lighter, firmer and more suitably proportioned for a woman’s frame.

Physical problems that develop as a result of carrying the weight of heavy, pendulous breasts are the most common reason women seek to reduce their breast size. Among the issues that can occur are back problems and neck pain, as body alignment is altered to compensate for disproportionate weight in the upper body. Exercise may be a difficultly, as large, heavy breasts often cause discomfort during physical activity. Many women develop deep grooves in the shoulders, caused by bra straps that are pulled tight by the weight of the breasts. Under such circumstances, breast reduction is often covered by health insurance, deemed a necessary reconstructive procedure rather than cosmetic breast surgery.

Women with large, pendulous breasts often seek cosmetic breast surgery because they are unhappy or self-conscious about the size of their breasts, an issue that can seriously impact a woman’s self-esteem. Women may be uncomfortable in the workplace or in social situations due to embarrassment over their appearance, or may avoid socializing as much as possible, resulting in self-imposed isolation.

Breasts that are disproportionately large can create very practical problems that spur women to investigate cosmetic breast surgery, such as severely limiting clothing options, since fitted clothing is seldom available in sizes that fit properly. Additionally, the need for strong, structured and supportive undergarments makes many styles impractical for women with larger breasts. These factors often leave women with little choice but to choose loose, shapeless styles. This can be particularly troublesome for young high-school or college age women, who often are quite embarrassed by being limited to “granny styles.”

Done by a skilled and talented plastic surgeon, reduction procedures can yield beautiful and comfortable results, creating a smaller, lighter and more shapely breast by removing excess skin, fat and tissue. Some scarring is an unavoidable side-effect of breast reduction surgery. The location and size of incisions are a factor in how noticeable your scars will be, and will vary according to the surgical technique used in your procedure.

Breast reduction is best done after breasts are fully developed, and women must be in good general heath to undergo the procedure. As with any surgery, complications are possible and should be explained thoroughly by your surgeon in terms that you clearly understand. It is important to note that breast reduction is a more complex procedure than other types of cosmetic breast surgery, making it important to choose a surgeon who, like Dr. Goldberg, has extensive training and experience in breast surgeries of all kinds, including complex breast reconstruction.

Goldberg Plastic Surgery services patients in the Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, South Bay, & Torrance areas for cosmetic breast surgery procedures.

Most women find that the appearance of their breasts change over time, often due to pregnancy, nursing, weight loss or aging. Breast sagging and diminished breast density can alter a woman’s figure significantly, making her look older than she should. While the issue can be camouflaged to some extent with the use of push up bras or other specialized garments, many women choose to have the problem resolved permanently by means of a surgical breast lift. Women considering this type of solution should spend some time weighing the pros and cons of the procedure carefully, since cosmetic breast surgery is a serious commitment.

Two basic types of breast lift procedures are available to women who are less than pleased with changes in the size, shape or volume of their breasts, simple breast lifts and breast lifts with implants. Both are outpatient procedures that are designed to lift, firm and shape the breasts in order to provide a more youthful and attractive appearance.

A breast lift is a cosmetic breast surgery procedure best suited for a woman who is satisfied with the size of her breasts, but wishes to address changes in shape, perkiness or volume. The procedure takes between three and four hours to complete, during which the plastic surgeon removes excess skin and tightens and reshapes breast tissue to improve give the breasts a firmer and more attractive appearance.

A breast lift with implants is a more complex cosmetic breast surgery that combines a simple breast lift with an augmentation procedure. This surgery is well-suited to a women who experienced a significant loss of volume or size with aging or after nursing, or who has always been dissatisfied with her breast size and would like to address that issue along with the effects of aging. In addition to the lift procedure, the surgeon will place implants under the chest muscle to enhance size or volume as requested by the patient.

The benefits of these cosmetic breast surgery procedures are primarily aesthetic ones, offering women the opportunity to reclaim their youthful figure or enhance it. However, the correction of appearance issues that a woman sees as flaws can have an emotional impact as well. Many women report a resurgence of self-confidence after their breast lift procedure, feeling pleased by the image they see in the mirror, rather than self-conscious.

The drawbacks include scarring, which is an inevitable consequence of any cosmetic breast surgery. How noticeable your scars will be depends upon factors that include the size of your incisions, which can vary according to the surgical technique used, and your skin type. Patients who are considering a breast lift with implants should know that while some patients can have both steps of this procedure performed in one surgical session, for others, a two stage process may be necessary, with the lift procedure done first and augmentation performed after a three month healing period. Complications are another consideration, since no surgery is without risk, and can include excessive bleeding, infection, poor wound healing and asymmetry and decreased nipple sensation.

Goldberg Plastic Surgery services patients in the Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, South Bay, & Torrance areas for cosmetic breast surgery procedures.

Breast augmentation is the most popular form of cosmetic breast surgery, performed 286,274 times in the United States in 2012, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, while the procedure has become quite routine and is fairly low-risk, it is not a simple surgery and it is a mistake to view it as one. Many of us, patients and surgeons alike, are too casual about breast augmentation, an issue that likely contributes to the high rates of breast implant revisions, a problem that affects as many as 20 percent of women within the first three years after augmentation.

Find the Right Surgeon

The key to getting the great results you want from a breast augmentation procedure is choosing the right plastic surgeon. Start by making a list of skilled and experienced plastic surgeons in your area with solid credentials, satisfied patients and low revision rates. Then, consult with several on that list to find the one with whom you feel most comfortable, since preparing for your cosmetic breast surgery will require a great deal of communication.

Does your surgeon take her time in explaining your options and take your questions and concerns seriously? Is he willing to explain exactly why he recommends one option over another? Has she done a thorough evaluation of your anatomy before making recommendations on implant style and size? This is an important point, since using an implant that is not sized to suit your anatomy can lead to poor aesthetic results or even serious complications that make revision necessary. Since no two women are alike, each cosmetic breast surgery is unique, so do not accept a cookie cutter approach to breast augmentation.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Being in great health when you have your cosmetic breast surgery can reduce complication risks. So, if you have poor dietary habits, get yourself on a healthy diet and take a good multivitamin supplement with minerals to ensure your body and your immune system are at their best. If you smoke, quit well before your surgery. A good skin care routine is important as well, since soft, supple skin promotes healing and discourages scarring.

Taking good care of yourself after your procedure is essential to minimizing your risk of complications. Be sure that you schedule your surgery with care, ensuring that you’ll have ample time for rest and recovery. Follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions to the letter, especially activity restrictions, since strenuous activity can inhibit proper healing.

You will be uncomfortable immediately after surgery, as bruising, swelling, fatigue and pain are common, so having a friend or family member close to help you through the first days of recovery may be wise. You may experience a feeling of tightness in the breast skin for a few weeks after cosmetic breast surgery as your body adjusts to your new size, and sensation may be impaired during the initial healing period. Most importantly, ask for a list of signs you should be watching for in terms of post-surgical complications and notify your surgeon of potential problems immediately.

Goldberg Plastic Surgery services patients in the Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, South Bay, & Torrance areas for cosmetic breast surgery procedure

Breast implant revision surgeries are generally the most challenging form of cosmetic breast surgery for both patient and surgeon. Patients who have already had a disappointing experience are often, quite understandably, very anxious about the procedure. Surgeons are wading into a difficult situation as well, charged with the responsibility of correcting mistakes made by another surgeon or damage done by complications.

Common Reasons Revisions Become Necessary

Breast augmentation is a fairly routine cosmetic breast surgery procedure that produces good aesthetic results in the vast majority of women. However, on occasion, problems do occur that make revision surgery necessary. Among the most common reasons that breast implant replacement becomes necessary is improper implant sizing. Implants that are too large for a woman’s body style and anatomy increase risk of complications that include stretching and thinning of breast tissue or implant problems, such as rippling or rupture. Capsular contracture is another common reason that cosmetic breast surgery goes wrong, and is a condition in which scar tissue forms around the implant, often resulting in pain and misshapen or hardened breasts. Other issues that can lead to revision include an unsatisfactory aesthetic result, implant deflation and infection, among many others.

Preparing For Breast Implant Revision

While any cosmetic breast surgery requires careful and detailed preoperative planning, it is even more essential to be well-prepared for revision procedures. Typically, they are more complicated than an initial implant procedure, since scarring and damage is often an issue. Also, a surgeon performing a revision is working in an area that has already been altered by another surgeon, sometimes in unexpected or problematic ways. For this reason, it is vital that revision patients are very open in providing their surgeon with all relevant details related tot he original procedure, and that all medical records are made available. Additionally, patients may undergo several physical examinations and consultations with the surgeon during the planning process, since a safe and satisfactory result depends on the surgeon knowing as much about the situation as possible.

Revision Surgery: What to Expect

Revision surgery will likely take at least as long as your original cosmetic breast surgery. If it is a simple revision, done to replace a ruptured implant, it should not be a terribly long or complex procedure. On the other hand, if scarring, stretching or other, damage is an issue, or there are complex deformities to be resolved, revision may be a prolonged and challenging procedure. Your surgeon should be able to provide you with specific details in advance of your procedure.

Recovery time will depend upon the difficulty and circumstances surrounding your revision. For simple revisions, recovery may be easier than it was with the original cosmetic breast surgery. More complex cases may cause greater discomfort and prolonged healing and recovery. Of course, your surgeon, who will be familiar with the particulars of your procedure, will be able to give you more specific guidance on expected recovery times after a thorough evaluation has been performed.

Goldberg Plastic Surgery services patients in the Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, South Bay, & Torrance areas for cosmetic breast surgery procedure

If you’re looking into cosmetic breast surgery, cosmetic surgeons in Torrance have a selection of procedures available to help you enhance your figure. Whether your breasts are smaller or larger than you’d like, or have suffered the effects of pregnancy or aging, a skilled and board certified plastic surgeon can help you achieve a look you’ll find more satisfying.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Torrance: Augmentation

Breast augmentation procedures are the most commonly performed type of cosmetic breast surgery. Cosmetic surgeons in Torrance use different methods to augment the shape, size or volume of breasts, with the most popular being the breast implant procedure. Breast implants are medical devices, composed of a silicone envelope that can be filled with either silicone or a saline solution and are then placed into the breasts. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to produce differing looks according to the preferences and anatomy of each patient.

Breast lifts, done with or without implants, are another very popular cosmetic breast surgery. Cosmetic surgeons in Torrance perform these procedures in order to correct sagging or volume loss in the breasts that commonly occurs with pregnancy, nursing, weight loss or aging. A simple breast lift tightens the skin of the breasts, giving them a firmer, perkier and more youthful profile. If additional size or volume is desired, breast implants can be placed during the breast lift procedure.

Fat transfer procedures can be a great option for women who are interested in subtle breast augmentation. For this type of cosmetic breast surgery, Torrance doctors use liposuction to remove fat from a woman’s own body, harvesting it from the thighs, belly or hips, to be injected into the breasts to add size or volume.

Reduction or Reconstruction

Many women turn to cosmetic surgery to find relief from the physical and emotional discomfort that can come from very large breasts. Breast reduction procedures have helped many alleviate that discomfort. Women who have suffered the affects of breast cancer, congenital breast deformities or disfigurement due to complications with a previous cosmetic procedure often find relief with breast reconstruction procedures.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Torrance: Choosing Your Surgeon

Great results depend on choosing a great surgeon to perform your cosmetic breast surgery. Torrance has quite a selection of surgeons from which to choose, some more qualified in the practice of cosmetic surgery than others. Among the most important credential to look for to ensure expertise is board certification in plastic surgery. A doctor that holds this certification has undergone years of specialized training in plastic surgery, gaining a deeper understanding of and proficiency in cosmetic procedures. It is important to know that not every doctor performing these procedures has that certification, since any one with an M.D. can offer cosmetic breast surgery, and that complication rates are lower in breast procedures done by board certified plastic surgeons.

Dr Goldberg is a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive specialized training and experience in plastic and micro surgery. That skill, combined with her unique flair for the aesthetic and her determination to understand and meet the individual needs of each patient she serves makes Dr. Goldberg a great choice for any woman considering cosmetic breast surgery. Torrance area women who would like to learn more about cosmetic surgery or schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldberg will find all the information they need by visiting www.goldbergplasticsurgery.com.


If you’re looking for cosmetic breast surgery, Torrance plastic surgeons have plenty of options to offer to enhance your figure. However, surgery is a serious step and great results depend on making solid, informed choices. So before you commit to a procedure, learn as much as you can about cosmetic breast surgery. Torrance surgeons offer a range of surgical enhancements to improve your figure, and choosing the right one to suit your needs can be a confusing task. You’ll want to spend some time researching various procedures and consulting with several surgeons before making those important choices to be sure that you walk away with the beautiful, natural looking results you have in mind.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery, Torrance: Choosing the Right Surgeon is Priority One

Although Torrance is a small city, there are quite a few surgeons in the area that offer cosmetic breast surgery. Torrance is, after all, located in Los Angeles County. What that means is that if you take your time and consult with a few surgeons, you’re sure to find just the right surgeon for your procedure. The first consideration, of course, must be that your surgeon has excellent credentials and a solid track record of great results. However, personality matters too, so once you’ve screened for talent and experience, choose the surgeon on your list who makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed. You’ve got a lot of very personal decisions to make, so having a supportive, concerned professional in your corner is essential.

Breast Augmentation Procedures

Breast augmentation is the most frequently requested type of cosmetic breast surgery. Torrance surgeons perform these procedures to correct aspects of a woman’s figure that she sees as a flaws, such as breasts that she feels are disproportionately small or large, are uneven in size or shape, or have changed in appearance due to motherhood, weight loss or aging.

For women who are looking to increase size or volume with cosmetic breast surgery, Torrance surgeons can perform a breast implant procedure. These are done on more than 250,000 women every year, and can offer great results when done by a skillful and experienced plastic surgeon. Implants can be chosen in a number of sizes, shapes and styles to suit your build, anatomy and the appearance you’d like to achieve.

Fat transfer procedures are among the latest and most advanced options in cosmetic breast surgery. Torrance surgeons may recommend these procedures for women who need just a mild size or volume enhancement or would rather not have a more invasive procedure. Fat transfer procedures use liposuction to remove fat from a woman’s hips, tummy or thighs, which is then injected into the breasts to enlarge them or make them more shapely.

For the woman who is happy with her size, but has noticed some sagging or loss of volume due to pregnancy, weight loss or aging, a breast lift may be the cosmetic breast surgery Torrance plastic surgeons would recommend. This procedure revitalizes the breasts by tightening loose skin, restoring a perkier, more youthful figure. If a simple breast lift is not enough to restore lost volume, or you would like to enhance size, a breast lift with implants can be done. In women who have larger, heavier breasts than they would like, breast reduction can help and can be combined with a breast lift for a wonderful new look.

If you’re less than satisfied with the size or shape of the breasts mother nature provided you with or what factors like motherhood, time, gravity or health issues have done to change them, cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance may be just the solution you’ve been seeking. There are a number of options available for a woman who wants to restore or improve her figure, ranging from augmentation procedures, with or without breast implants, to breast reduction, breast lifts or breast reconstruction. Learning exactly what is involved with each of these options can help you make a solid, informed decision about whether cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance is the right choice for you.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery in Torrance: Breast Augmentation

The most common type of cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance is breast augmentation. Women typically seek out these procedures to correct an aspect of their figure that they aren’t pleased with, such as breasts that are smaller than they’d like, asymmetrical, or have sagged or lost volume due to pregnancy, nursing, weight loss or aging.

Breast implants procedures are among the most popular cosmetic surgeries done today, performed in more than 250,000 women annually. In this procedure, implants filled with either silicone gel or saline are surgically placed into the breasts to achieve a specific size, shape or volume. Implants are available in a selection of sizes, shapes and types, and will be chosen by patient and surgeon to best match the results a woman would like to achieve with her cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance.

A simple breast lift may be the right solution for a woman who has seen changes in the size, shape or volume of her breasts over time, typically after weight loss, pregnancy or nursing. This popular cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance simply tightens loose skin in the breasts to restore their youthful appearance. For women who have lost a great deal of breast volume or would like to enhance size at the same time, a breast lift with implants may be the way to the most satisfying results.

Fat transfer procedures are a less invasive option for the woman who is mildly dissatisfied with the look of her breasts, yet doesn’t like the idea of breast implants or other more aggressive cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance. Used in breast reconstruction for years, fat transfer procedures use a woman’s own body fat from another part of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, or thighs to enlarge or reshape the breasts.

Of course, not every woman wants to go larger. Women who have breasts that are uncomfortably large, causing physical challenges, or would prefer a more streamlined appearance often turn to breast reduction to decrease breast size and weight.

Breast Reconstruction and Revision Procedures

Breast reconstruction is a cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance that is done in women who have serious cosmetic or comfort issues due to losing a breast to cancer or being born with certain congenital breast deformations. Revision surgeries are generally done to correct poor results or complications from a prior breast surgery. While choosing an excellent surgeon for cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance is always important, reconstruction and revision procedures are particularly complex and delicate. Women must be especially careful to research thoroughly and select a surgeon with extensive experience and an excellent track-record for great results.

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