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Often, at the mention of cosmetic breast surgery, Manhattan Beach residents’ thoughts turn to very young women with the goal of creating the perfect beach body. However, the reality is that plastic surgeons see women of all ages and walks of life in their offices, inquiring about available methods to achieve a well-proportioned and attractive figure, correcting body issues that cause them to be less than satisfied with their personal or professional image. More mature women make up a significant proportion of those inquiries. In fact, according the the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average age of women who had breast augmentation procedures performed in 2012 was 34.

Many of these women have been satisfied with their figures in the past, but are distressed about the toll that aging or motherhood has taken on them. With cosmetic breast surgery, Manhattan Beach plastic surgeons can restore a woman’s shapely, youthful figure. Women who experience breast sagging due to pregnancy, breast feeding or gravity can often be helped with a breast lift procedure. Women who have lost breast volume over time or would simply prefer a bit more curve in their figures may find that a breast lift with implants better suits their needs.

Others have never quite been satisfied with their figures, but are just reaching a level of self-confidence and financial security that allows them to make their personal needs a priority. Often, these women have spent decades camouflaging a disproportionate bustline, whether it is smaller than they would like or larger. With cosmetic breast surgery, Manhattan Beach women can finally correct this situation to their personal satisfaction.

Several types of breast augmentation procedures can provide a remedy for the woman who would prefer an hourglass figure to her current pear shaped one, while breast reduction can offer relief to women who are self-conscious about breasts they feel are too large or suffer back and shoulder pain due to pendulous breasts. Both offer women the opportunity to finally free themselves of those cumbersome camouflage garments, finally able to choose their wardrobes according to what they want to wear, rather than what they need to hide body issues they perceive as flaws.

Of course, there are as many reasons for cosmetic surgery as there are unique individuals in this world. The point is that looking great is not a privilege reserved for people aged 18 to 25. Women in their mid 30, 40s, 50s and beyond have benefited from cosmetic breast surgery. Manhattan Beach plastic surgeons have helped a great many mature women achieve a figure that they are pleased with as they look in the mirror, a feeling of satisfaction that typically enhances self-assurance and quality of life.

If you’re less than satisfied with the size or shape of the breasts mother nature provided you with or what factors like motherhood, time, gravity or health issues have done to change them, cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance may be just the solution you’ve been seeking. There are a number of options available for a woman who wants to restore or improve her figure, ranging from augmentation procedures, with or without breast implants, to breast reduction, breast lifts or breast reconstruction. Learning exactly what is involved with each of these options can help you make a solid, informed decision about whether cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance is the right choice for you.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery in Torrance: Breast Augmentation

The most common type of cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance is breast augmentation. Women typically seek out these procedures to correct an aspect of their figure that they aren’t pleased with, such as breasts that are smaller than they’d like, asymmetrical, or have sagged or lost volume due to pregnancy, nursing, weight loss or aging.

Breast implants procedures are among the most popular cosmetic surgeries done today, performed in more than 250,000 women annually. In this procedure, implants filled with either silicone gel or saline are surgically placed into the breasts to achieve a specific size, shape or volume. Implants are available in a selection of sizes, shapes and types, and will be chosen by patient and surgeon to best match the results a woman would like to achieve with her cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance.

A simple breast lift may be the right solution for a woman who has seen changes in the size, shape or volume of her breasts over time, typically after weight loss, pregnancy or nursing. This popular cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance simply tightens loose skin in the breasts to restore their youthful appearance. For women who have lost a great deal of breast volume or would like to enhance size at the same time, a breast lift with implants may be the way to the most satisfying results.

Fat transfer procedures are a less invasive option for the woman who is mildly dissatisfied with the look of her breasts, yet doesn’t like the idea of breast implants or other more aggressive cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance. Used in breast reconstruction for years, fat transfer procedures use a woman’s own body fat from another part of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, or thighs to enlarge or reshape the breasts.

Of course, not every woman wants to go larger. Women who have breasts that are uncomfortably large, causing physical challenges, or would prefer a more streamlined appearance often turn to breast reduction to decrease breast size and weight.

Breast Reconstruction and Revision Procedures

Breast reconstruction is a cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance that is done in women who have serious cosmetic or comfort issues due to losing a breast to cancer or being born with certain congenital breast deformations. Revision surgeries are generally done to correct poor results or complications from a prior breast surgery. While choosing an excellent surgeon for cosmetic breast surgery in Torrance is always important, reconstruction and revision procedures are particularly complex and delicate. Women must be especially careful to research thoroughly and select a surgeon with extensive experience and an excellent track-record for great results.

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