The Non-Surgical Breast Lift

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What Is A Breast Lift?

As women age, gravity, weight fluctuation, pregnancy and breast-feeding all play a role in determining the elasticity, shape, and firmness of the breast. Women may notice significant loss in the volume, contour and texture of the breast tissue over time. Women who find they are not satisfied with the way their bodies have responded to time and other environmental factors often seek surgical breast lift procedures to raise and tighten the breasts and provide a smoother more youthful appearance. The breast lift is commonly administered in conjunction with breast implants to not only firm and tighten the skin, but to add lost volume or increase the size of the breasts.

Non-Surgical Breast Lift Options

Recently a number of non-surgical breast lift treatments have begun to show up when patients search for breast lift providers. All of them offer quick fixes, but none of them offer much in the way of past results or proven efficacy. There are various lotions and creams that claim to be able to lift and tighten the skin of the breast, often through the use of vitamins, minerals and even collagen. Research has actually shown that collagen – the chemical most often indicated as the ingredient with the potential to lift the breasts – is too large to be absorbed through the skin and is subsequently effective only on the epidermis (the top layer). Recently the media has also highlighted special breast massages and their potential to improve breast shape and restore elasticity. Any increase in size is likely due to the effects on the drainage of the lymphatic nodes rather than a permanent or long-term change to the size or consistency of the breast. Massage does have the potential to improve skin quality by improving circulation and consequently the blood and oxygen supplied to the skin, but this too is only a surface change and will not address underlying tissues. Another option that some women may have run across recently is Thermage, a treatment that uses radiofrequency energy waves, which most doctors warn will not properly address these problems with the breast. Some doctors are also worried about the possible effects of the radiofrequencies used in Thermage treatments and the affects of Thermage waves on breast tissue have not been studied thoroughly yet and may not be fully understood. One treatment that is advised against by nearly every doctor I have spoken with is a little understood and potentially dangerous Botox breast lift treatment. Botox is an active neurotoxin that causes paralytic effects in muscles and use in the proximity of vital organs is strongly advised against. Although the procedure is offered from only a few providers it should be known that Botox is not FDA approved for breast lift purposes and the procedure may be dangerous and carry potentially life-threatening side effects.

The Surgical Breast Lift For Real Results

Truthfully, there is no substitute for an actual surgical breast lift. Although there are a number of treatments being offered as non-surgical breast lifts today, most can at best address the quality of the top layer of skin of the breast. Many carry dangerous and unwanted risks, and none of these treatments can approach the level of improvement available from an actual surgical breast lift procedure.

A surgical breast lift will actually remove the excess skin on the breast responsible for the sagging look. It will be able to reposition the nipple if it faces downward or is not centered and forward facing and will create a more balanced look. The surgical breast lift is performed with carefully placed incisions meant to minimize the appearance of scarring. The incisions are made along the curve of the underside of the breast and from the base of the breast straight up to the nipple. If the nipple is to be repositioned an incision is made around the nipple, but the nipple will remained attached to the tissues and mammary glands beneath with the goal of preserving function. Because the incisions are on the underside of the breasts and around the nipple there are easily concealed, even with revealing clothing. The results of a breast lift can remain with a patient for life as long as they remain in good health and do not undergo any major changes in weight.


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