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Mommy Makeover Procedure

As a mother to two beautiful boys, Dr. Goldberg understands the pregnancy glow and the joy of being a mother.

However, pregnancy can often leave unwanted changes in the breast and abdominal area, and no matter how much you exercise, some of these issues will never go away. A Mommy Makeover is designed to correct these unwanted effects of pregnancy and restore a “better-than-pre-pregnancy” appearance.

Why Choose a Mommy Makeover?

The effect that childbirth has on your body is variable and largely related to your genetics, the number of pregnancies, the size of the baby(s), and how much weight you gain during the pregnancy.

Some women are very fortunate, and even after multiple children, their bodies “snap back” to their original form.

Most women, however, suffer varying degrees of loss of fullness and position of their breasts and unwanted skin, fat, and stretch marks on the abdomen that create a tummy “bulge.”

Before and after Mommy Makeover

*Individual Results May Vary


Patient is a 41-year-old with 2 children who desires smaller, youthful breasts and improvement in her tummy contour

1. Bilateral breast reduction with removal of right breast -350 gm and left breast -410 gm
2. Abdominoplasty with repair of diastasis of the rectus muscle

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Am I a Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

Candidates for Mommy Makeover surgery are women who are displeased with the look of their breasts and abdomen after childbirth or significant weight loss. Being a mother is not a prerequisite for the surgery.

Mommy Makeover candidates are in good overall health, have realistic expectations of their results, and do not smoke.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover is a comprehensive combination of breast and body plastic surgery procedures.

Your Mommy Makeover will be tailored to your specific needs and only include the breast and body contouring techniques you need to achieve your ideal physique. Your Mommy Makeover will be performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure.

Restore your breast and body back with a Mommy Makeover

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What Is Addressed During a Mommy Makeover?


Most women complain about a loss of fullness in the upper breast combined with “too much” skin, leaving them with droopy and empty breasts. These changes result from normal biologic processes during pregnancy.

To prepare for breastfeeding, your body produces hormones that enlarge your breast tissue. As a result, the skin stretches to accommodate the newly enlarged breast. Once you are done breastfeeding, your body no longer produces the same hormones, and the breast tissue will atrophy, often to a smaller size than before pregnancy.

Additionally, the stretched skin does not go back to its pre-pregnancy state. This leaves a woman with droopy and empty breasts, loose skin with stretch marks, and atrophic breast tissue.

Several cosmetic breast procedures can remedy this problem.

Breast Augmentation

For women with smaller breasts, the amount of skin stretch is sometimes mild, and thus the breasts do not droop. These women are often well-served by breast augmentation alone.

Saline or silicone breast implants are placed above or below the muscle, depending on the patient’s particular needs.

Breast Lift/Mastopexy

Some women are happy with their breast volume but have excess skin after pregnancy and breastfeeding. A breast lift (mastopexy) helps restore the breasts to a more youthful position by elevating the nipple and tightening the breast skin.

We can use several different approaches to lift the breast based on the appearance of the breast and your specific goals.

Breast Lift With Implants

Most commonly, women are unhappy with excess skin and the loss of volume in their breasts. Under these circumstances, patients are candidates for an “augmentation mastopexy,” or a combination of a lift and an implant.

This procedure is a bit more complicated as we are making the breast smaller (by tightening the skin) and larger (with the use of an implant) at the same time. Thus, this procedure must be individualized for each patient.


The abdomen is the only area that experiences an even greater change than the breasts following childbirth. Abdominal skin and muscles stretch gradually over 40 weeks as the uterus expands.

Following the birth of your child, it is common to have loose skin, excess pockets of fat, and weakened—or separated—abdominal muscles, creating a condition known as diastasis recti.

Abdominal changes can be addressed with the following procedures.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is the most comprehensive technique available to address post-pregnancy changes to the midsection. This surgery removes excess skin and fat and can tighten the abdominal muscles—if needed.


Some women’s abdominal skin can contract following one or more pregnancies. Because of this, a skin excision procedure like a tummy tuck is not always necessary.

While some of these women may not have excess skin, they may still have excess localized pockets of fat in the midsection or other areas of their body that they would like removed. Liposuction with Smartlipo™ allows Dr. Goldberg to eliminate unwanted fat cells from the body.

Liposuction does not tighten or remove excess skin.

What Is My Mommy Makeover Recovery Like?

You will need adequate time to heal and recover from your Mommy Makeover. Most women take at least two weeks off work—longer if they have a physically strenuous job. During this time, you can expect bruising, swelling, tenderness, and some pain.

Pain medication will be prescribed to minimize post-operative discomfort. You should rest often and have someone present with you to take care of your children and all necessary household chores for the first one to two weeks.

Will My Mommy Makeover Results Be Permanent?

Your Mommy Makeover results are designed to be long lasting; however, these results can be altered should you gain weight or experience subsequent pregnancies.

Dr. Goldberg recommends postponing your Mommy Makeover if you are planning on having more children.

Interested in a Mommy Makeover in Pasadena?

Dr. Mytien Goldberg sees many women who are interested in Mommy Makeover surgery. If you believe that this procedure is right for you, contact Dr. Goldberg to schedule a consultation. She will evaluate your medical history and aesthetic needs to determine which cosmetic procedures may be appropriate for you. This will also give her team an opportunity to provide you with an accurate Mommy Makeover cost estimate.

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