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SGAP Flap (Buttock Tissue) Reconstruction

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Breast reconstruction with Superior Gluteal Artery Perferator Flap (SGAP)

A Superior Gluteal Artery perforator flap (SGAP) is breast reconstruction method whereby the excess tissue in the upper buttock is used to create a breast mound. Dr. Goldberg will use the upper buttock tissue to recreate a breast. The resultant scar lies within the border of the butt and lower back.

Who is a candidate for SGAP flap breast reconstruction?

Women who have small amount of abdomen tissue but also have excess tissue in the buttock areas. For women who previously had a tummy tuck, their abdominal tissue is no longer available as a donor site; women who has had massive weight loss with loose tissue in the buttock areas are all great candidates for this reconstruction method. Furthermore, these women desire a total organic or natural breast reconstruction without the use of an implant and a buttock lift at the same time. These patients are the best candidates for the SGAP flap reconstruction method.

How long does procedure take?

Normally, an SGAP flap takes about 5 hours per breast. For both breasts SGAP flap breast reconstruction, the surgery is about 8 to10 hours. The patient stays in the hospital for 3 days.

What is the recovery process?

Once the patient is discharge home, the recovery process is very smooth. Dr. Goldberg ask you to refrain from heavy lifting or pulling for 6 weeks. This allow for the incisions to heal. If a person has a desk job they may return to work as early as 2 weeks. In women with manual labor job, the person may return to work in 4 to 6 weeks.

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