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Welcome to Breast Restoration by Dr Mytien Goldberg. Dr. Goldberg’s mission is to provide the latest in breast reconstruction techniques while offering a standard of care that puts the patient’s mental and physical health above all else. Dr. Goldberg’s goal is to give you the best aesthetic result possible, and empower you to return to your life as a stronger, more confident woman.

Philosophy for Breast Restoration

Dr. Goldberg’s philosophy for breast cancer reconstruction

Welcome to Breast Restoration by Mytien Goldberg, MD. 1 in 8 women will be affected by breast cancer in our lifetime. As a woman surgeon and a mother, Dr. Goldberg shares what a woman faces once she receives the diagnosis of breast cancer.  When a woman receives a diagnosis of breast cancer, she faces not only the fear of cancer but she has to face the prospect of losing a defining part of her body and femininity. Furthermore, women also have to face the financial burden of breast cancer treatments. It is a trying time for both the patient and her family. It is written into law by President Clinton in 1995 whereby health insurances are obligated to cover breast reconstructions as part of a woman’s breast cancer treatment. Dr. Goldberg and her team are dedicated to provide a supportive environment for her patients in this difficult time. We also work closely with your insurance company to get the best care for our patients.

By understanding the choices for breast reconstructions, a woman is empowered in her fight against breast cancer. Dr. Goldberg provides a full spectrum of breast reconstructions using the latest techniques in microsurgery. We hope Dr. Goldberg’s website will give you a basic understandings of breast reconstructions.

The best outcome for breast cancer treatment requires a team approach which includes a breast oncologic surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and a plastic surgeon. As your plastic surgeon, Dr. Goldberg will work closely with other physicians through pre-surgical planning to give the most oncologically sound treaments along with the most aesthetic result.

Philosophy for Breast Restoration Revision

I understand that for a large majority of women, our breasts are a part of our femininity and womanhood. A large percentage of those diagnosed with breast cancer will choose to undergo breast reconstruction. Unfortunately, many women are left with less than desirable results. These patients have gone through an incredibly tough battle, and have come out on the other side with grace and dignity. I believe that these women absolutely deserve to have the best possible aesthetic results and a body that they can be proud of. It’s because of this belief that breast reconstruction revision is one of my favorite procedures to perform. I’m always moved by my patients, who have already been through so much, that are willing to take the extra step to improve their self esteem. These women are surprised and encouraged when after a consultation with me they learn that they can have a better result. I have had satisfied patients tell me that they finally feel beautiful, like themselves again.

I look forward to providing care for you during what can be a very stressful time in your life.

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