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The Key Advantages of Smart Lipo ™

Posted May 02, 2013 in Smart Lipo

If you’ve been thinking recently about some body contouring, you’ve probably heard about something called Smart Lipo ™ — a form of laser assisted liposuction. Smart Lipo ™ is a new method of removing small, unwanted pockets of fat from the body. It uses a small laser to melt the fat before it is extracted, which is the primary way it differs from traditional liposuction methods.

Smart Lipo ™ has some key advantages over traditional liposuction techniques in many situations, but there are still some situations where traditional methods are more appropriate. This is why Dr. Goldberg still offers both procedures. The only way to know for certain which variety of liposuction is most appropriate for you is to book a consultation with Dr. Goldberg to discuss your specific needs and goals. There are, however, some general characteristics that may indicate that laser assisted liposuction is the right choice for you.

For the most part, Smart Lipo ™ is more suitable for use on areas of the body with smaller fat deposits, or that are more publicly visible. The cannula that carries the laser is significantly smaller than the one used in traditional liposuction techniques, which means the incisions can be smaller, and therefore the chance of noticeable scarring is lessened.

Beyond that, laser assisted liposuction might be a more suitable choice for people to whom small details are very important. One of the side effects of the heat created by the laser is that, in addition to melting the fat, which makes it easier to remove, it also causes surrounding tissue to retract away from the heat. This reaction forces the skin in the surrounding area to produce more collagen, making it more elastic and providing a much tighter and more contoured final result.

Smart Lipo ™ may also be preferable for people with very busy schedules, or for those who wish to keep their liposuction a private matter. This is because the recovery time for laser assisted liposuction can be significantly shorter than that for traditional methods. Many cosmetic surgeons advise their patients to take a week or even longer from work, just for the recovery time. Patients who receive laser assisted liposuction, provided their job is a relatively stationary one such as a desk job, are often back at work in two days. For those who can’t afford to miss a week of work, laser assisted liposuction is often the best choice.

The shorter recovery time can also be beneficial for those for whom privacy is an important issue. The sooner you recover, the less likely anyone is to notice that you had any work done. Laser assisted liposuction also results, more often than not, in minimal bruising and discoloration when compared to traditional liposuction. Again this is helpful for patients who don’t wish their cosmetic surgery to be public knowledge.

There’s a place in modern cosmetic surgery for both traditional liposuction and Smart Lipo ™, and Dr. Goldberg is very proud to be able to offer both.


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