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Looking for a Great Plastic Surgeon in Torrance?

Posted October 11, 2013 in Goldberg Plastic Surgery

Most of us wouldn’t trade the experience of raising a family for anything in the world, but we could certainly do without the changes bearing those children can cause in our bodies. Fortunately, these days, doing without them is very possible with the help of a talented plastic surgeon. Torrance mothers can rejuvenate their figures quite nicely today once they’ve finished having children with Mommy Makeover procedures, restoring a firm, smooth and youthful silhouette.

With a Great Plastic Surgeon, Torrance Moms Need Not Look Motherly

While every woman’s body responds in a very individual way to pregnancy and childbirth, there are some very common physical changes that many women find undesirable. The size, shape and volume of breasts often changes with childbirth, altering her overall appearance. The abdominal area often proves to be a trouble spot as well, with some bulging remaining long after a woman has returned to her pre-pregnancy weight. Some women may have a genetic predisposition to difficulty in reducing pockets of body fat that accumulate during pregnancy in areas like the hips, thighs, and abdomen, and stretch marks are a problem to some degree in the vast majority of women who have given birth.

Mommy Makeover is a term used to describe a range of cosmetic procedures that can be used in combination to address the rejuvenation goals of each patient. Rejuvenation of the breasts can be done with one of several breast procedures, depending upon your goals and the expert judgment of your plastic surgeon. Torrance mothers can choose a breast lift, which tightens skin stretched during pregnancy and breast feeding, removes stretch marks and eliminates sagging. For women who have lost breast volume, breast augmentation may be best. Women who experience combined sagging and volume issues may be best served by a breast lift with implants.

Women who have been left with a belly bulge after childbirth may have one or a combination of several issues standing in the way of a flat, firm tummy. Determining exactly where the problem lies will require an evaluation by your plastic surgeon. Torrance mothers may have that bulge due to stretched or damaged abdominal muscles, loose, stretched abdominal skin or a stubborn layer of fat left over from pregnancy weight gain. A tummy-tuck can correct loose skin or stretched muscles, while liposuction is commonly used to remove stubborn fat accumulations, not only in the tummy, but also in the hips, thighs or other problem areas.

So if the image you see in the mirror every morning looks more motherly than you’d like, make an appointment for a consultation at Goldberg Plastic Surgery. With the help of Dr. Goldberg, a skilled, experienced and board certified plastic surgeon, Torrance mothers have taken charge and reclaimed their figures, and you can too.


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