What are your surgical treatment options once you receive a diagnosis of breast cancer?

The surgical options for breast cancer depend in large part on the tumor size and location of the tumor. Your breast surgeon will help guide in making a decision as to which option is best for you. The timing of

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Brazillian Breast Augmentation: A New Technique of Breast Augmentation in Torrance and Beverly Hills

The breast implant is one of the most important device ever developed in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Despite more than 60 years of technological advances in breast implants, the revision rate for breast augmentation is still high

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Fat Grafting to the Face: The New Era in Facial Rejuvenation

In recent years, plastic surgeons have come to understand that facial aging is not attributable to gravity induced droopiness alone, but it is also a consequence of volume loss caused by soft tissue and bony atrophy. Over the past 10

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Female Plastic Surgeon South Bay: Comfort, Quality and Keen Aesthetic Perception

Plastic surgery is a very personal experience, much more so than even the most intimate aspects of routine medical care. While a woman may be quite uncomfortable when she must bare all for a gynecological exam, a consultation with a

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Cosmetic Breast Surgery Manhattan Beach: Looking Great Isn’t Just for Youngsters

Often, at the mention of cosmetic breast surgery, Manhattan Beach residents’ thoughts turn to very young women with the goal of creating the perfect beach body. However, the reality is that plastic surgeons see women of all ages and walks

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Breast Augmentation Long Beach: Recent Study Shows Satisfied Patients are Plentiful

Many women who are deeply unhappy with the size and/or appearance of their breasts hesitate to take the step that could resolve the issue; Breast augmentation. Long Beach area women often have doubts about the long-term outcome of augmentation, many

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Looking for a Great Plastic Surgeon in Torrance?

Most of us wouldn’t trade the experience of raising a family for anything in the world, but we could certainly do without the changes bearing those children can cause in our bodies. Fortunately, these days, doing without them is very

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When All Else Fails to Budge that Bulge, Liposuction in Torrance Can Help

If you’re frustrated by stubborn areas of body fat and are considering liposuction, Torrance plastic surgeons, you’ll be happy to know, have options that can help you resolve your problem. It is a rather common issue, by the way, even

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Cosmetic Surgery Torrance: Mitigating Mistakes of Youth

If you’re starting to see signs of premature aging, the consequences of taking less than optimal care of yourself in your youth, there is help available to mitigate many of those unwelcome changes. While our grandparents and parents had little

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Blepharoplasty Torrance: Tired of Looking Tired? Eyelid Surgery can Help

The eyes are the defining feature of the face and the one that many people consider their most attractive. Unfortunately, the eye area is also among the most vulnerable to the affects of aging. Often, wrinkles or bulging develop in

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